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Okarito Plant Project Thriving at Sullivan Farm: A Check-Up Visit

Swade and Paula of Okarito Boat EcoTours, founding members of the Okarito Plant Project, visited Fox Glacier last week to check up on the last round of planting from late May. After some good rain, the pond and stream were full, and they were thrilled to see that their newly planted carex virgata, a water-loving sedge planted right down in the stream, were all doing well and happily established in their new home.

Regenerative Riparian Planting Site Okarito Plant Project In Fox Glacier

The plants from this time last year are absolutely thriving, and everything is looking tremendous. Tim Sullivan, the landowner here, is thrilled with the work that has been done, and we are keen to continue, as is he! The next plan is to continue down the creek, but with a shortage of carex for now, the next planting round will focus on the upper banks of the creek up to the fence line, heading for the trees and bush that surround nearby Lake Matheson. It is hoped that this will eventually provide a “wildlife corridor” that will bring birds further out and reintroduce them to the farmed land once there is abundant shelter and food for them with the new plantings.

Zak Shaw, leader of the Nature Economy Project under Development West Coast, will be bringing a team of 50+ in July. Aided by Sam Speight from Landcare and the Okarito Native Plants Trust Nursery team, they will be adding a huge amount to the work here with about 300 plants to go in. They will also be helping in the Nursery itself, doing propagation work and repotting, getting plants ready for another round in a few months' time. Exciting work and so rewarding to see it all taking shape! Watch this space for updates from July!

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