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Plant Seedlings In Bio Degradable Pots And Staked Propogation

The Ōkārito Native Plants Nursery

Okarito Native Plants Nursery Seedlings

The Ōkārito Native Plant Nursery is a thriving community dedicated to cultivating native seedlings sourced ecologically for various restoration projects, extended walkways, gorse control, native plantings and the propagation of threatened species. Additionally, the sale of the plants at our nursery New Zealand-wide generates resources to put back into our planting projects including those of the Ōkārito Plant Project.


Our roots trace back to an initiative formed in partnership with the Department of Conservation and Air New Zealand Environment Trust with the goal of rejuvenating Lake Wahapo's ancient kahikatea swamp land and safeguarding the entire ecosystem from glaciers to the sea.

At Ōkārito Nursery, we not only provide a platform for learning and volunteering opportunities in the conservation field but also constantly source seeds offering a variety of plants for sale and providing precious stock for our various planting projects. Our efforts extend beyond the nursery such as collaborating with the Makaawhio community for planting and protection, facilitating riparian plantings, and protecting waterways. We have even engaged in "eDNA" sampling to assess the health of Ōkārito's waterways.

Through our restoration work and engagement with the local community, we aim to preserve wetlands, native vegetation and the overall biodiversity of the region. Furthermore, we are passionate about developing edibles as an alternative and sustainable food source. Our operations continue to flourish with the support of the Ōkārito Community Association, the Department of Conservation, partners of the Ōkārito Plant Project, generous private donations, and online sales of our range of native plants throughout New Zealand.

Join us in our mission to restore and protect the natural treasures of Ōkārito and South Westland and make a positive impact on both nature and the local community.

Shop Native New Zealand Plants

The Ōkārito Native Plants Nursery is located in Ōkārito village and holds a diverse range of native plants for sale for your personal or commercial project. You can help support our mission by purchasing our plants. We ship New Zealand-wide. 

We are currently building our online store, but for now, you can browse our inventory and price list and email us to put forth your order. 

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Okarito Native Plants Nursery Trailer Load Of Trees And Plants Ready To Be Planted By Volunteers

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