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A Return to Purcell Reserve: Plant Protection

On a sunny December 20th morning, our dedicated trio of partners dusted off their gardening gloves and revisited the Purcell planting site. This journey back was not just a casual visit, but a purposeful stride in our continuous commitment to nurturing the newly planted area.

Purcell Reserve Whataroa On A Sunny Day In South Westland New Zealand With Southern Alps As Backdrop

The Trio's Commitment: Ensuring Prosperity & Plant Protection

Our enthusiastic team comprised Ian Cooper from Okarito Kiwi Tours, Tash Goodwin lending her expertise from Glacier Valley Eco Tours, and the dynamic duo of Swade Finch and Paula Sheridan representing Okarito Boat Eco Tours. We reconvened on this day with a mission in mind - to install essential weed mat and Emguard plant protectors to ensure optimal plant protection. These vital steps are designed to provide our recently planted saplings the best fighting chance against the elements, allowing them to thrive and flourish.

Eco-Tourism Volunteers Of The Okarito Plant Project Getting Ready To Protect Young Plants

Nature's Splendor: An Early Show of Life

Planting Volunteer Applying Weed Mat At Base Of Young Plant  For Protection

As we worked diligently amongst the young trees, the day greeted us with nature's splendor. It was heartening to see early inhabitants like nursery web spiders already finding sanctuary among the freshly planted kahikatea trees. Our ethos revolves around regeneration, and seeing these signs of life reaffirmed our belief in the crucial role biodiversity plays. By fostering increased diversity among insects, plants, and birds, we contribute to the overall health of our land and communities.

Regenerative Planting Volunteer Applying Cardboard Protection to Young Plants

Progress Report: Stage Completion

With the installation of the weedmat and Emguard plant protectors, we proudly marked the completion of stage 1 and part of stage 2 at this site. Our efforts have now set the stage for the forthcoming autumn steps.

Planting Volunteers

Looking Ahead: The Next Conservation Adventure

As we continue our journey toward ecological restoration, we invite you to stay tuned for our upcoming planting expedition at Franz Josef Glacier. Here, we'll be unveiling our new partner business. More details about this exciting development will follow soon!

Our eco-tourism adventure is a testament to the power of collective effort in preserving and enhancing our shared natural heritage. We look forward to sharing more stories from our journey with you.

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